Youtube does not allow videos to be downloaded, Most sites that promise download of files are sham or ask you to install dangerous software on your computer.

There are documented ways to download from youtube Example Youtube Downloader

youtube-dl however requires installation of python and needs some programming knowldge to use it.

Save video derives inspiration from youtube-dl project,but is not associated with youtube-dl project. is an browser implementation of documented ways to download youtube videos.


Since there are no direct ways to download videos from youtube, may not be easy to use for some users. This help page helps you with steps for download.

please try with common browsers like firefox or chrome ( I have not & cannot test this in all browsers especially mobile browsers.


Steps involved


go to and find the video you want to download

Step 2

go to and Navigate to url



Step 3



Step 4



Step 5


You must download within few miniutes for this to work


Step 6


Copy paste entire content into text box without any modifications


Step 7



Enjoy your video


Suggestions and feedback welcome

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